AK-49 Martial Arts is a family orientated establishment. We offer classes for Men, Women, & Children. Our focus is to provide a quality environment to help you reach your personal goals. Whether your goals are Fun, Fitness, Or Functionality.  We have classes for the beginning student all the way to the advanced martial artist as well as the competitor.

Here at AK-49 Martial Arts we believe that the key to obtaining success is to teach our students the proper philosophies so they can develop strong qualities of character so that our students can reach their full potential in anything they do in life.

What is the Bang Muay Thai System

Duane “Bang” Ludwig created The Bang Muay Thai System which is a hybrid style of martial arts that use an assortment of tools & concepts from Western Boxing, Dutch Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kyokushin Karate, & Wrestling that has been put together to form the world's most elite striking system for Mixed Martial Arts.

The Origin Of Bang Muay Thai

The Origin of Bang Muay Thai was inspired from Duane’s illustrious martial arts career & Mixed Martial Arts legend Bas Rutten, Trevor Wittman which have help influence on the BMT system. The lineage continues with UFC bantamweight, superstar T.J. Dillashaw (BMT Black Belt) & UfC flyweight super star Joseph Benavides (BMT Brown Belt).

Sensei Ludwig & UFC Superstar T.J. Dillashaw
Sensei Duane "Bang " Ludwig
Sensei Bas "El Guapo" Rutten

The Lil Ninja's Program will develop the proper philosophies of character by building their self confidence, developing respect, and instilling discipline. We also develop the concept of short & long term goals. We give our students the proper tools in order to defend themselves no matter their environment. The Lil Ninjas Kickboxing Program has everything your child needs to be successful in life!